MMGY Travel Intelligence introduces the first-of-its-kind measurement: the Travel Safety Barometer. This report was created as a tool for the travel and tourism industries to gauge how safe U.S. business and leisure travelers believe it is to travel and participate in related activities as COVID-19 continues to fundamentally change all aspects of our society. 

Every month, data is culled from MMGY Global’s proprietary Travel Intentions Pulse Survey, providing a comprehensive picture about how safe Americans think it is to travel. 

Download full report here.


Key Insights: 

  1. Our research has consistently shown that U.S. travelers continue to feel safest in their cars compared to flying or taking a train. Visits to state and national parks as well as beaches remain a top consideration for travelers – far outpacing interest in other typically open-air gatherings.
  2. As long as the fear of COVID-19 infection remains, travelers are unwilling to consider indoor events and activities with larger crowds of people. However, we are seeing an uptick in interest in activities like going to a bar or restaurant, which offers some glimmers of growing confidence.



Our findings within the travel space are revealing and will most certainly drive decision-making across the industry. Download the full report to find out what kind of lodging travelers are more comfortable booking, where travelers stand on the idea of cruising once again, and other important insights that we will continue to track every month.