Travel Intentions Pulse Survey (TIPS): Impact of COVID-19

The MMGY Travel Intelligence team, conducts an ongoing tracking survey to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on the travel intentions of U.S. business and leisure travelers. This survey measures current and future traveler sentiment amid the COVID-19 pandemic and tracks trends and shifts in travel intentions. The study polls respondents for both domestic and international travel intent by purpose and type. 

Full Wave VIII report can be accessed here.

TIPS cover

Key Findings from Wave VIII of the study: 

  1. Respondents’ likelihood to take a domestic leisure trip during the next six months is the highest it has been since the survey’s inception in mid-March, with 42% reporting they are at least somewhat likely to do so, up from 38% in the previous survey wave.

  2. The likelihood to take a domestic business trip during the next six months also increased, rising from 31% last month to 35% in the most recent results. Importantly, the percentage of business travelers who said they were not at all likely to take a business trip during the next six months declined significantly from 35% to just 25% this month.

  3. Even respondents’ likelihood to take an international business trip during the next six months increased over last month, reversing a two-month downward trend. 

  4. Respondents’ likelihood to travel by personal car during the next six months was the highest it’s been since the pandemic started, with three-quarters (75%) indicating they plan to do so. Almost 2 in 5 (39%) are willing to drive 300 miles or more (each way) for a leisure trip.

  5. The likelihood to participate in various travel activities during the next six months either remained flat or increased - an indication that travelers are beginning to adapt to a “new normal” even as their concern about contracting the virus remains high. 

  6. Great travel deals may find a more receptive audience amongst travelers in the coming months. While containing the spread of COVID-19 continues to be the consideration that will have greatest influence on future travel decisions, its impact declined relative to last month’s survey with 51% of respondents rating it at least somewhat impactful (down from 58% last month). At the same time, the influence of great travel deals increased from 30% last month to 33% in this most recent survey wave. 

Download the Full Wave VIII Report Here