Travel Intentions Pulse Survey (TIPS): Impact of COVID-19


The U.S. Travel Association has partnered with MMGY Travel Intelligence to conduct a biweekly study of U.S. business and leisure travelers. This survey measures current and future traveler sentiment amid the COVID-19 pandemic and will track trends and shifts in travel intentions. The study will poll respondents for both domestic and international travel intent by purpose and type. 

Key Findings: 

  1. Travelers continue to feel safest when traveling by personal vehicle (68% percent), and when visiting outdoor destinations such as parks (34%) and the beach (26%).
  2. Overall, younger travelers are the most likely to be engaged in travel activities during the next six months. However, for some activities, such as taking a domestic trip, staying in a hotel or /resort, going to the beach, or visiting a local, state or national park, the 50–64 age group are the most likely travelers.
  3. While the youngest respondents’ (age 18-34) concerns about contracting COVID-19 declined slightly, the concern they expressed about others in their household contracting the virus increased from 63% in Wave III to 69% in Wave IV.

Full May 1-6 report can be accessed here.

Wave IV