Cheryl Schutz

VP, Travel Insights

Cheryl is the VP of Travel Intelligence and is responsible for all MMGY Travel Intelligence research, including data acquisition, data processing and sales of all syndicated and custom research. In addition to syndicated research such as DK Shifflet, travelhorizonsTM and Portrait of American Travelers®, Cheryl’s research expertise includes working with destinations and hotel properties. She has worked with clients including California, Texas, New York City, Choice Hotels, Destination International and more in syndicated and custom qualitative and quantitative research.

Cheryl has worked in market research for more than 20 years and has over 14 years of experience working in the travel and tourism industry. She is an invited speaker at many industry conferences including TTRA Marketing Outlook Forum and the U.S. Travel Association’s Educational Seminar for Tourism Organizations (ESTO), speaking on topics such as the outlook of travel after major events and insights and opinions on the resident U.S. traveler. She was also the past president of Southeast Travel & Tourism Association (SETTRA). 

Through data, Cheryl and her team give clients insight into their audience, help understand their audience and inform successful marketing campaigns that inspire people to go places. One of Cheryl’s favorite travel memories of inspiring people to go places is when she took an Alaska cruise with her grandfather, a former sea merchant who frequently sailed from Alaska to Seattle.