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Each year, MMGYTravel Intelligence authors numerous reports describing how travelers think about research, plan and book travel. Given the depth and breadth of our consumer research, we have the unique ability to slice and dice our extensive database of consumer travel preferences, priorities and behaviors to profile almost any unique audience of interest for travel industry professionals. 

Portrait of UK Travellers

Launched in 2019, the Portrait of UK Travellers  is a study that illuminates the latest insights regarding emerging travel habits, preferences and intentions of U.K. residents, as well as the likely impact of Brexit on their future travel intentions. The information contained in this report is invaluable to the development of effective travel marketing strategies, and the revelations provided are both timely and actionable.

This study focuses on travelers residing in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. To qualify for the survey, respondents have annual household incomes of at least $30,000 and are active travelers. This means they took at least one vacation during the past 12 months, took at least one international trip in the past two years, and intend to take another international vacation during the next two years.

This survey represents the vacation motivations, preferences and behaviors of the 13.4 million traveling households in the U.K.

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