There are a limited number of sponsor positions available for the 2021 Portrait of European Travellers® study. Sponsor positions include several benefits, including:

Custom Sponsor Report - All sponsors will have their destination and/or travel brand included in the core survey. And, sponsors will receive a custom report of the survey results filtered based on the sponsor’s requirements (ex. destination interest, income, geographic region, competitive destinations/brands etc.). The result is a highly-relevant research report profiling the audience of interest for a specific destination or travel industry brand.  

Proprietary Sponsor Questions - All Sponsors may include custom, proprietary questions in the survey, the answers to which will only be provided to that sponsor. It’s a very cost-effective way to capture custom survey data from travelers in several major European markets in a cost-effective manner.

Exclusive Webinars - Executives from MMGY Travel Intelligence Europe & Hills Balfour London will host an online, interactive sponsor webinar to reveal key seasonal insights, discuss marketing implications, and debate their impact on strategy. These sessions will be available only to the exclusive community of Sponsors.

For more information and pricing, please contact Cees Bosselaar at