Portrait of American International Travelers™

In conjunction with the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), MMGY Travel Intelligence is proud to offer sponsor positions for its 2021 Portrait of American International Travelers™ research study. All survey respondents will be screened for interest in traveling internationally in the next two years, having a valid U.S. passport, and for having an annual household income of at least $100,000. 

This in-depth exploration will help reveal and describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international travel, including how the American traveler researches, plans, and books travel experiences around the world. These insights can guide important strategic decisions including how to reach and influence these travelers in such a way as to optimize marketing investments.

What's New in 2021?

  • Proprietary Sponsor Questions
  • Exclusive Webinars

2021 Sponsor & Subscription Options

POAIT Study Sponsor (US$15,000)

  • Destination inclusion in survey questionnaire
  • A custom crosstab report
  • Two minutes of proprietary questions in the survey
  • A one hour results webinar for sponsors

For more information, please email us at research@mmgyglobal.com.

Destination Prospect Profile

USTOA and MMGY will develop a Destination Prospect Profile to meet your research needs. This analysis is a useful tool to develop or refine your marketing and communications strategy and your target traveler segment. It also enables you to target specific groups of travelers without conducting your own primary research.

What You Will Receive - provided there are enough respondents for your destination

  • Two client profiles 
  • Demographic, psychographic and geographic profiles 
  • Past travel history an travel intentions for the years ahead 
  • Vacation spending habits 
  • Competitive destination preference 
  • Trip planning steps 
  • Types of travel preferences 
  • Use of distribution channels
  • Media usage 
  • Social media usage 
  • Lifestyles and social values 
  • Influence of government advisories 

The Destination Prospect Profile is available for $15,000 USD.

To order a report, or to commission a Destination Prospect Profile, please contact research@mmgyglobal.com for more information.