Perspectives From Travellers & Planning Professionals

European destinations and tourism industry stakeholders have a tremendous opportunity to lead their community recovery based on when and how the meetings industry will bounce back from COVID-19. Current studies in the market look at basic meeting planner sentiment, but it is crucial to also understand the mindsets of attendees and corporate decision-makers. Leaders need to make important decisions regarding capital investments, marketing budgets, and overall growth and development strategies. It is also essential to gain a clear and timely understanding of what meetings and conventions look like in the future to guide these decisions.

MMGY Travel Intelligence recently completed the first wave of the Meetings & Conventions study in the U.S., which revealed profound differences about perception and behaviours among planners and attendees. Based on the success and popularity of the U.S. research, a European-based Meeting & Convention study is next.

In cooperation with IMEX Group and MMGY Hills Balfour, a division of MMGY Global,  MMGY Travel Intelligence Europe will design and field a tracking survey twice to understand the mindsets, intentions and preferences of meeting, conference and convention attendees. In order to compare their perspectives with the ones of those responsible for industry planning efforts, MMGY Travel Intelligence will also survey meetings professionals to gauge their views. Meeting attendees ultimately drive the future direction of the M&C industry. Having an informed perspective on what they think and comparing it to the current perspectives of meetings professionals will provide sponsors with substantial insight into the landscape likely to emerge in the coming months and years. The survey will be fielded to attendees in the U.K., Germany, France and The Netherlands with a sample size of 400 per country, or 1,600 in total. The survey will be fielded to planners throughout Europe and the U.K.

Limited Sponsorships Available

MMGY Travel Intelligence, MMGY Hills Balfour and the IMEX Group are seeking destination marketing organisation partners (DMOs/CVBs) to help fund the design and fielding of these B2B and B2C studies in 2021 and 2022. Sponsors receive the following benefits:

  1. Participation in the development of the overall study format and panel questions, as well as the option to provide meeting planner contacts to receive the study.
  2. Only sponsors and partners of this study will receive the full data set and findings of the study; high-level data will be shared in press releases, articles and presentations.

Sponsor Fees

Gold Sponsors (€7,500/US$9,000)

  • Sponsor destination included in survey
  • Two final reports (Wave 1 & Wave 2) delivered in PDF format
  • Access to data tables for further analysis of subset results
  • Non-exclusive publicity rights to the results of the survey 
  • Access to the high-level “international” findings of the U.S.-based “sister” study: “A Portrait of U.S. Meeting & Convention Travel”

Platinum Sponsors (€10,000/US$12,000)

  • All Sponsor benefits as described above
  • The ability to place two proprietary questions developed by Sponsor in consultation with MMGY for inclusion in the survey, with results provided exclusively to the sponsor
  • Exclusive publicity rights to the results of the sponsor’s proprietary questions

For sponsorship inquiries and to explore the opportunity further, please contact:

Cees Bosselaar
Managing Director / MMGY Travel Intelligence Europe